You will want to register to get the full advantage of these resources. It is sooo worth it. You’ll get contact information for an advisor who will give you all the details you need to begin an experience you will cherish for eternity. Sign-up for Mission Trip Notification We’ve highlighted some of the tools and resources other groups have told us were very helpful. Take a look around and get familiar, but overall, building your ministry or mission initiative is pretty easy once you get started. It starts with a group of five or more who build the team. See how its done. WBOCI has accumulated plenty of tips, tricks, and ideas for groups and individuals to use as they get involved. Interested in hosting a “Global Preview” night for your friends? Are you looking for inspiring books and sermons?  How about a forum to discuss your ideas with other Advocates across the nation? The Team Guide is the Advocate’s source of all this… and more! NO Cost Personalized Web Sites for Eligible Small Groups Get your questions answered right now! PASTORS of Small Groups Pastors and church leaders have unique concerns and considerations, so we have Pastor-specific Advisors dedicated particularly to partnering with you. Contact an Advisor and we’ll work with you to develop ideas and outline a plan that fits your church. We are committed to helping you develop a program that provides your church’s Bible studies, cell groups, and serving teams with an experience that is filled with the whole Gospel! Mission trips are a way to meet the children in your Church Orphan Home. The kids will love it more than you! Small Group Missions Restoring Childhoods in Christ Over 150 operating Church Orphan Homes Your group can apply to be the sole mission family for a Orphan Home family ... the construction is paid for and the rescue costs are covered. The kids are ready to begin the transformation that will restore their childhoods in Christ. Do you need a little help crafting your message? Professional journalists are on staff and available to help you write copy for a website, campaign, or pres release for your local paper. Just ask your Advisor to connect you! While you are at it, ask an advisor to schedule a  “go-to-meeting” on-line coffee clutch with you and your team or your family. It’s fun and it explains the possibilities in less than 20 minutes. It’s an eye opener Gary is a communications genius. He created this video to show you how to bring your group together and, if you’re eligible, work with our designers to create your personalized website! Small Group Eligibility Explained

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