Got tech? Join a mission team for a 15-day trip to Phnom, Penh, Cambodia to install a computer network that will teach English to 120 orphans every day.  If you love kids and you’re skilled with computers, this may be the opportunity for you! Orphan Advocates are afforded some special attention here at Warm Blankets Orphan Care. Contact the Orphan Missions Department and you’ll be assigned a personal Orphan Advisor to guide you through ways you can help transform the lives of orphans in our Homes around the world. MEET THE ADVISORS Bibles are scarce. It you can do a Bibles for Orphans campaign, contact: location: Cambodia WE ARE BUILDING 7 CHURCH ORPHAN HOMES FOR CHILDREN LEFT ORPHANED BY THE WAR IN PAKISTAN Have you ever dreamed about helping orphans and widows in your own personal ministry? DO IT TODAY Orphan Advocates have access to resources that will help you form a group of people (friends and family, that will join you to SUPPORT A WHOLE HOME IN PAKISTAN. WBOC pays for construction and rescue. Your team help raise the kids. We’ll even build you a free web site for your group building campaign. Visit GET ACQUAINTED PERSON TO PERSON with YOUR ADVISOR CHAT/TALK/EMAIL Build a family and friends team to support a complete family of orphans! Watch the video. ENGLISH SECOND LANGUAGE TECH TEAM SERVE WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY GARY TELLS ALL Sign up to be notified of upcoming OPEN MISSION TRIPS  30 people working together to support a home can each give 30 dollars a month and support 40 orphans and caregiver s in a home this size. I Picture of one of your Orphan Mission Advisors done by a 4 year old in Uganda. It’s close, but if you want to meet your real Orphan Advisors, click on the drawing BIBLES FOR ORPHANS It’s your home. You can take a trip next year and visit it. PROJECT LEADER Electric Power Gives Kids a Chance to Read and Do Homework Many of our homes are remote or in areas where electric power is just not available. We are looking for a project leader to think through three different solutions and then work with Orphan Rescue Operations to provide opportunities for the children. Generators LED battery lighting Car Battery power You’ll be given resources to get this started including the knowledge base to establish a plan. Mission teams could be recruited for installs Skill level: location: Varies Skill level: Small Group Missions Restoring Childhoods in Christ We have a whole range of serving opportunities where your group can serve. Small Group Eligibility Explained Volunteer in our U.S. office or internationally Support a project Form a mission trip to implement a project Become the “support family” for a Church Orphan Home Join an emergency medical teams Do data entry from your home Chair a committee for a fundraising event Host a home gathering for project support And these are just a few examples!

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