Small Group Missions is a foundation underwritten service to groups in the community who have a desire to commit resources, time, talent, or treasure to the establishment of a family environment for Orphans and Widows in the context of church planting and support of under resourced churches. This program is not meant to be a building campaign or fundraising for orphan rescue operations. It is meant to bring your small group of people together with a group of orphans and widows so that you can be an answer to their prayers for survival and transformation in Christ. In order to maintain the good financial stewardship and program integrity, we have designed an Eligibility Standard and Definition of a Small Group. Once you establish your group eligibility you will have access to resources and human relationships to grow your personal group ministry to help orphans and widows. A short recommendation email or letter from your church staff pastor is highly recommended. All projects must have a Small Group Missions Advisor who has reviewed the groups intentions and accepted them as part of the Mission.   Basic Small Group Objectives are built on the assumption that there will be a core group of persons, usually at least 5, that are acting as a core team to recruit their friends, families co-workers, and others to join in their effort as volunteers, financial supporters, mission participants, or other roles that will increase the groups ability carry out its mission and give them the ability to affect change and transformation as a discipleship effort. Group must have one person who agrees to act as the spokesperson. In many cases this will be the person who originated the effort to form the Small Group Mission in the first place. There must be a minimum of five individuals or couples in the group who establish their willingness to be part of the core group by registering with WBOCI (takes 2 minutes) and pledging at least $25 USD per month for the first year. Understand that there is no cost for the web site and campaign coordination because foundations and other groups have agreed to underwrite eligible groups for one year. Foundation Underwriting makes it possible to send 100% of all designatedl donations to the project or program designed by the group.  Having five persons pledging before WBOC makes the Web site gives us the indication that the effort will be worth while and that a core group has been established. Eligible Priority in mission trip rotations. No Cost team building personalized Web site. Participation in occasional Streaming Video Orphan Worship nights. Complete reporting of activities and fundraising success shared by permission with your church No Mission Trip ‘up charging’ for team members in regular standing for at least four months. Free DVD and media material files branded with your Church and/or the identity chosen by the team. If you are registered with WBOC and acting as a group spokesperson, you are probably eligible Foundation Subsidized web campaign to support a project or the children in your Church Orphan Home. The most frequent application is when a group comes together to sponsor part or all of a rescue mission or a Church Orphan Home where the rescued children will live. Working with your Orphan Missions Advisor, you can have a professionally designed and fully operational fundraising web site to support the children being served by your mission. The talent, time, and cost to support your web campaign efforts is underwritten by the Grace of God for one year through volunteer technical professionals, volunteer graphic artists, WBOC staff, and underwriting provided by generous foundations and other friends of the Warm Blankets Orphan Care ministry. The links on this page are to sample templates that can be modified in many ways to meet your group’s message and goals. If you see some other web site some other place on the web, its okay to share it with your advisor to see if it is possible for the web developers to emulate it. There is a target cost budget that does restrain our web team, but sometime, other designs fall within that parameter. Small Group Missions Restoring Childhoods in Christ Small Group Eligibility Explained Our parents sponsor a home and we all got to know each other doing a fundraising dinner. Now we are saving up for our summer break in India. We’re going to teach the kids soccer and music.” Soft Hearts for Hard Times Stephanie, Detroit, MI

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